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Preparing for the Unknown

Learn how to navigate and flow through uncertainties and disruption

An exclusive online session with Maitreya Dadashreeji,

Transformation Pioneer and Medical Doctor

Date: Sunday 15 January 2023

Time:  10.30pm MYT (Kuala Lumpur) / 8pm IST (Mumbai) /

6.30pm GST (Dubai) / 4.30pm SAST (Cape Town) /

3.30pm CET (Zurich) / 2.30pm GMT (London) /

9.30am EST (New York) / 6.30am PST (San Francisco)

Duration: 90 minutes

Language: English with simultaneous translation

in German, Italian, Spanish, Arabic and Hindi

Cost: 2800 INR / 35 EURO / 30 GBP / 130 AED / 35 USD 

Online via Zoom / Limited places!

(Registration possible until 3 hours before the start of the workshop)

Select your region to register:

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Gift this event and secure a place for your loved ones, those whose growth you want to support, so they can navigate well through these times of change.

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“I Feel Lost.” “I Feel Sad.”

“I Feel Drained.” “I’m Always Stressed.”

How often have you said these words internally or heard them aloud from family members, friends or even colleagues around you?

Uncertainties and disruptions are fast becoming the new normal. Key individuals we once relied upon for guidance and advice, now also seem to be paralysed and in a state of confusion by those rapid developments around the world. 

The lack of answers and direction from outside, have further raised questions, doubts and fear within us – What is happening in our world and how do I prepare for the unknown? We are desperately seeking answers as our limited understanding of life and the way we have lived, is being challenged every single day. Just this year post pandemic, we have experienced unprecedented global increases in natural disasters, rise in community tensions, as well as a disruption and shortage of basic food availability and energy.

Why join?

~ Hear from the Transformation Pioneer, that will help you experience peace and explain how you can connect to your inner self – the source that will personally guide you through these turbulent times

~ Experience a profound process to help you better flow with the unknown future and life’s uncertainties and disruptions

~ Learn practical steps to add a sense of direction to your life and help you overcome your current life challenge

~ A selection of participant questions will be answered live in the workshop

Select your region to register:

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Transformation Pioneer, Medical Doctor and Author


Maitreya Dadashreeji’s humble appearance seems very simple to the human eye, however his powerful presence helps people connect with their inner self in an unimaginable way. Over the last ten years, Dadashreeji has developed a range of simple and profound methods, that can help individuals experience a continuous and holistic positive change in their life. To date, he has shown thousands of people around the world how to live a life of purpose, positivity, love, and unity. To read more, please click here.

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