Maitreya Dadashreeji


A Global Humanitarian,

Transformation Pioneer,

Social Reformer,  

Medical Doctor and Author.

Early Life

As a science-oriented individual and medical student, Maitreya Dadashreeji marvelled at the perfection of nature and the intelligence that lay behind the flawless design of the human body. Although He was an atheist, Dadashreeji believed in a Higher Universal Energy and Source.


As a medical doctor, while treating a young child for the burns on his body, Dadashreeji realised that he could help heal the child’s physical pain but felt helpless in healing the emotional and mental trauma the child had suffered, in losing his parents in that fire.

The Purpose of His Life


Dadashreeji experienced the limits of medicine, as the cure to all deep-rooted human suffering, still remained undiscovered. He felt urged to explore this topic more deeply, to really understand its core, so that He could help others treat the very root cause.


With this thought, Dadashreeji directed His attention internally and went into deep meditation. During this period, He experienced encounters from saints, deities, and historical figures. After these mystical encounters, Dadashreeji spent more years on His journey within, experiencing all the states of transformation and realising the true purpose of His life in 2006.

Establishing MaitriBodh Parivaar

In 2013, Dadashreeji established MaitriBodh Parivaar with a sole objective to awaken love in the heart of each and everyone around the globe, and with a vision that would help humanity personally experience “One World, One Family, One Truth.”


In order for everyone to experience this, transformation is essential, as it represents a deep shift in the human consciousness, helping create a positive change in the state of the human mind and behaviour. Dadashreeji believes a better world is possible through this transformation, as it uplifts the human consciousness to a higher state. Thus, making it possible for everyone to experience the state of unconditional love, peace and harmony.


The Cause of Human Suffering is the Lack of Love


In 2019, Dadashreeji published His first book, “The Cause of Suffering is the Lack of Love.” The title itself represents His profound core teaching. Centred around simple everyday practical solutions, the book shares higher subtle knowledge and offers guidance on the essence of human nature and life.

Experiencing Transformation and Positive Change


Having personally experienced every state of transformation, Dadashreeji is in the state of that Highest Consciousness. To date He has guided thousands across the globe, on how to live a meaningful life, with positivity, compassion, love and unity.


He has created a simple, yet profound range of everyday transformation programs and tools for the current time. These are all specifically designed to help every individual better understand themselves. So, they can overcome their suffering, grow holistically and experience their true nature, that of unconditional love.

Maitreya Dadashreeji personally invites you to take your first step, to help experience transformation and a positive change in your life today!