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A Unique Medium to Communicate with your Heart

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Learn to listen to your heart again. Overtime, we have lost our internal connection. This simple exercise can help in restoring the connection.

How does it Work?

The image of Maitreya Dadashreeji, called the Divine Light, helps individuals connect with themselves and experience communication with their heart. We recommend you just simply look at the Divine Light and openly talk. Share your worries and happy moments just as you would with a good friend. You can ask for advice, or help on how to cope with everyday challenges, make a wish, or simply remain in silence. Just be there, experience the moment and joy of the communication with your heart.


Request a hard copy of the Divine Light

If possible, we recommend ordering a physical Divine Light to enhance

the quality of your experience and communication.
(only available for Austria, Germany, Italy, Switzerland)

Click here

Download a digital copy of the Divine Light 

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