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A confidential platform to express yourself

What is I Listen U?

A free confidential platform, designed for the purpose of helping create a

safe space for individuals, to express themselves fully in the current time.

Depression, loneliness, anxiety, stress and other unwanted emotions can drain your energy and leave you feeling physically, mentally or emotionally unsettled.

Expressing yourself to our trained listeners, will help you empty your

heart and mind and restore the balance of your energies.


How will this help me?

~ Express and let go of your burdens

~ Share your honest emotions

~ Empty your heart and mind

~ Feel light and experience peace and calmness

We are here to simply listen to you

Our trained listeners practice inner silence, giving them the ability

to create a “safe space” where you can fully and freely express your thoughts

and emotions without hesitation, judgment or advice.


How is it delivered?

~ Conversations are completely confidential

~ Currently we offer free 30 minute online sessions via Zoom

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