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Transformation Center

- Building bridges for a better future -

A place of encounter and positive change, one to help pause, find clarity and recharge your batteries. A place where people in challenging situations can find guidance and support.

Why a Transformation Center?

With the Transformation Center, MaitriBodh creates a contact point and protected space for people whose lives are out of balance. It often doesn't take much for one's life to be thrown into disorder. A personal stroke of fate, the sudden loss of a job or the increasing feeling of stress and excessive demands can be enough to shake one's mental balance and cause symptoms such as panic attacks, burn-out or depression to emerge. Often with far-reaching consequences, in private as well as in society.


The offer

The Transformation Center therefore focuses on providing holistic support to people in these challenging life situations and strengthening their inner resilience, so that they can once again find a positive and sustainable way of overvocming these life challenges. 


Surrounded by beautiful nature, we enable people with our center a space for their personal development and inner transformation. We offer programs that help sustain mental health, integrate social projects and create awareness for one's own actions.


Video of Kaivalya Kashyap, initiator of the Transformation Center

Further  information about the Transformation Center

Together for a better future

- Each donation is important! -

Privat Donations



With your generous donation, you will kindly support people in need, helping them find a way back into life.

Organisations and Foundations


Organisations / Foundations

Your donation as an organisation or foundation to support our innovative initiatives and social services programs.

Donations instead of gifts


Gift Donatation

Donations for special occasion – share your happiness and give hope to others in need!

Major Donors


Major Donors

Your support for a better future – and a glimmer of hope for people in need.




Working together for a positive change in our society.

Public Sector


Public authorities / collections

Achieving more together and building bridges with social commitment.

From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for your support!

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