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Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya Retreat

Experience a Deep Spiritual Cleansing of the Mind

Just as a rose bud has layers of petals around it, similarly as a human being our soul is surrounded by many layers of consciousness. These layers can be broadly categorised into; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Collectively these define the way we live our life, from our thoughts and opinions, to our perceptions, habits, attitudes, moods and much more. Though we can consciously care for our physical and mental layers, seek help and support for our emotional layer, we are unable to even access and therefore cleanse our deeper layers.

Cleansing the Mind

As part of our daily life our deeper layers, continuously and automatically accumulate a vast number of impressions. Largely, what we witness and experience, becomes part of us. These impressions then influence our perception towards different situations in our life. As a result, it is recommended to periodically cleanse our deeper layers, helping eliminate unwanted and negative impressions, those which are holding us back from experiencing happiness, peace, and growth in our life.

Why Attend?

~ Experience processes to cleanse your physical, mental, emotional, and the deeper layers of your consciousness

~ Helps release and heal negative emotions, blockages, past traumas

~ Better understand your thoughts, your approach to certain situations, emotions, anxieties, habits, unfulfilled desires, expectations, and fears of the unknown

~ Learn to elevate your level of self-awareness

~ Experience mental and emotional stability, happiness, peace and growth in life

~ Post retreat: Weekly online guided meditations sessions for a duration of 3 months

~ Handholding and support throughout by trained volunteers

Retreat Details

~ 2.5 days at a handpicked venue, with special meals that has been specifically prepared to help participants energetically flow through each session

~ Join a number of interactive sessions, as you learn about the different layers of the human consciousness, the influence and importance of the breath and mind on well-being, different states of the mind, the influence of the memory and how to foster growth in our life

~ Experience deep profound processes and learn powerful meditations to help cleanse the mind

~ Handholding and support throughout by trained volunteers

~ Post retreat: Weekly online guided meditations sessions for a duration of 3 months

     The next Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya Retreat on site:

~ For New Participants and Repeaters:

15 - 17 September 2023 in Southern Germany, in German language

>> More info and registration

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