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Workshop "Happy Healthy Us"

The nature of our relationships play a key role in our life. Whether it is a personal relationship with our partner or family member, or the professional relationship with our manager or fellow colleague. Many a times we do not realise, that the lack of harmony in the bond with these key individuals, affects all aspects of our life. 

These relationships impact our physical and mental body. Healthy, strong relationships are a source of love and trust. A happy relationship will help nurture our personal growth and provide us with security and space for open expression. However, when close relationships are strained, even briefly, they have the exact opposite effect. Overtime, unaddressed challenges create conflicting relationships, which directly impact the quality of our life.

Why attend?

~ Discover the 3 different types of relationships and the practical steps and solutions to common relationship challenges

~ Learn how to sustainably strengthen and improve relationships

~ Experience and learn an easy-to-apply exercise to help strengthen and nurture your relationships positively

Online Workshops

Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 10 Euro | Online via Zoom 

(Registration possible until 2 hours before the beginning of the workshop)

Workshops in German:

Sunday, 28 August 2022 | 10.00 CET / 9.00 BST

Thursday, 22 Sept. 2022 | 20.00 CET / 19.00 BST


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