German workshop:

Saturday 13 November | 9 AM GMT / 10 AM CET

Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 15 Euro 

(Combined ticket: 25 Euros for two workshops, if you register along with the workshop  "Life in Balance")

(Registration possible until 2 hours before the beginning of the workshop)

Happy Healthy Us

Key relationships are fundamental to our life. Healthy, strong relationships are a source of love and happiness, which help nurture personal growth and provide much-needed support and care. Though when these close relationships are strained, even briefly, they can have the complete opposite impact. Overtime, unaddressed challenges create conflicting relationships, which directly impact the quality of our life and overall wellbeing.

Why join this workshop?

~ Learn how to heal and strengthen your relationships with your partner, close family and friends, as well as your work colleagues

~ Learn about the 3 types of relationships, and how to prioritise your focus and attention

~ Discover the practical steps and solutions to common relationship challenges

~ Experience and learn a profound exercise to help with your relationship challenges