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Bodh V: Empower the Self

Having experienced the purification of our innermost layers of our consciousness in Bodh IV, the focus of Bodh V is now to Empower the Self.


The first Bodh V Retreat in Europe will take place from 27 Sept. until 3 October 2023 in Switzerland.

Why attend Bodh V?

~ Discover your source, understand who you truly are and experience true friendship.

~ Let’s dive deeper into your mind – Understand the traits and qualities of the transformed mind, the conditioning and struggles of the mind and solutions to help make the mind your best friend.

~ Learn about your emotions and thoughts, and the connection between the two. 

~ Discover advanced forms of meditation to help boost your spiritual journey. 

~ Experience a brand-new form of Maitri ShaktiPravaah and many other life-changing “gifts” specifically designed to fully empower you.

Retreat Overview

~ 3 online sessions before the Retreat to align and prepare your entire being for the highly advanced level of spiritual processes in Bodh V.

~ 7 days at a handpicked venue, with meals that are specifically prepared to help you energetically flow through each session.

~ Join a variety of interactive sessions, experience advanced meditations, learn about your thoughts and emotions, as we deep dive into the mind and make it your best friend.

~ As always handholding and personal support before, during and after the Retreat.

     The next Bodh V Retreat on site:

~ 27 September - 3 October 2023, in Switzerland, in English language with translation into German and simultanious translation into Italian 

>> More info and registration

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