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Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya Image.jpeg

Date: Friday 17 June - Sunday 19 June 2022

Place: Seminarzentrum Sonnenstrahl, 8353 Kißlegg, Germany

Language: English with German translation

Maitri Chitta-Shuddhi Kriya

Experience a deep spiritual cleansing of the mind

Background to seminar

Just as a rose bud has layers of petals around it, similarly our soul is surrounded by many layers of consciousness. These layers can be broadly categorised into; physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Collectively these define the way we live our life, from our thoughts and opinions, to perceptions, habits, attitudes, moods and so on. Though we can consciously care for our physical and mental layers, we are unable to access and cleanse these deeper ones. 

As part of our daily life these deep layers, continuously and automatically accumulate a vast number of impressions. All of which, impact our perspective and understanding of how we approach different situations in our life. As a result, it is recommended to regularly cleanse these deeper layers, helping remove any unwanted and negative impressions.

Why join this seminar with Mitra Parn?

~ Experience a process to cleanse your physical, mental, emotional, and the deeper layers of your consciousness

~ Help release and heal negative emotions, blockages, past traumas

~ Better understand your thoughts, your approach to certain situations, emotions, anxieties, habits, unfulfilled desires, expectations, and fears of the unknown

~ Learn to elevate your level of self-awareness

~ Experience inner happiness, peace, as well as mental and emotional stability

About Mitra Parn


Global Transformational Speaker | Spiritual Guide | Youth Mentor | Writer | Direct Disciple of Maitreya Dadashreeji


When you come across a contagious smile, charged with a charm that instantly quietens your mind and lights up your entire being, know that you are in the heart-warming presence of Mitra Parn. His infectious zeal, energy and passion lovingly flows into everyone he comes into contact with.


Mitra Parn is a direct disciple of Maitreya Dadashreeji, and has lived under His direct guidance since 2000. Opting for a life of selfless service towards humanity, Mitra Parn has been ceaselessly working towards spreading the MaitriBodh Parivaar message of love and peace in every corner of the world. With great sincerity, he has been sharing his life experiences and practical wisdom to help others grow in life, transforming them to reach their true purpose and fullest potential.

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