Understanding the Divine

Dear friends,

We hope this year has begun on a high note and you are doing well, transforming with every given opportunity. As a social practice whenever you meet someone, you ask them how they are doing. Depending on how close you both are or the internal state of both, the pleasantries are exchanged at a superficial or deeper level. Today, I ask you, not
about you but your Inner Divine.

Give it a moment, go deep within, connect with your Inner Divine and tell me how He is feeling.

Is he happy, sad, excited, nervous or seeking your love? Your Inner Divine is a reflection of you, yourself. This most loyal, constant friend, your Inner Divine is seated in your heart center (anāhat chakra) and has been communicating with you ever since your birth. So much so, it is your own Inner Divine that is making your heart beat. He makes His presence felt through that heart beat – the sound of ‚lub-dub‘. Your first heart beat
happened inside your mother’s womb. Since then, it is still ongoing.

His constant, tireless connection with you. When you connect with your heart, you are able to connect with your own source, your Inner Divine. You can actually interact with your Divine by connecting with your heart. You may even express complaints or anger to your Inner Divine but He never stops beating within you. Have you ever thanked your Inner Divine
for that?

The simplest way to connect with your Divine is by communicating with Him.

This communication with your Inner Divine has to be very natural, very effortless. He only wants to be your true friend.

The Divine doesn’t expect anything big from you. He wants to be a part of your daily life. All He needs from you is your simple, innocent love. It is the human mind that judges itself as good and bad but the Divine only sees you as a part of His creation and loves younevertheless.

You can spend your life counting your good and bad karmas (deeds) or you can connect with your Divine and go beyond all karmas. Simply connect with your Divine with love. His Love for you does not change as per your good or bad deeds. It’s always the same. Many yogis spend lifetime after lifetime waiting to experience the Divine. They receive siddhis or spiritual powers and get stuck there. Even those who follow the path of knowledge to reach the Divine eventually understand that He can never be understood. If there is no Divine or Love in the knowledge, it is not true knowledge.

True knowledge never creates division or separation between anybody. True knowledge only brings love, unity and harmony.

We have experienced all the spiritual paths and hence come to the conclusion that the Divine can only be experienced through Love. We want to help save your time. Connect with your Divine with Love and He will take you across, beyond all that you seek. When you receive His love, pass it on to others.

The two very essential qualities that are required of you on this spiritual path are patience and courage.

Patience is a jewel of a quality and it comes only with true love.
Your love will give you the courage that will nurture and guide you. Stay connected with your Inner Divine at all times by communicating with Him. Talk to Him like you talk to your best friend and witness how this Friend transforms your life. When you stay connected with your Divine internally, you will receive messages from Him guiding you on your path ahead. Share your good and bad with Him ‚as it is‘. He already knows you more than you know yourself. Sharing with Him helps you accept yourself, your situation and take a step forward in your true journey.

With the Divine you grow, shine and radiate love everywhere!!

Love and Blessings,
Maitreya Dādāshreeji!