BODH series

Awakening to Self Realization (BODH.1)

Are you looking for a change in your life and don’t know where to start? Do you want to learn more about yourself or are you looking for new impulses for your personal development?

Try out our BODH series – a systematic, structured and spiritual process – on your path of transformation.

In Awakening to Self Realization (BODH.1) you will gain a deeper understanding about Spiritual Transformation and its meaning in your daily life. You establish a connection between yourself and the divine quality of your being and discover the infinite possibilities that lie hidden deep within you. A powerful spiritual energy process (ShaktiPravaah) for your Inner Transformation completes this free session.

Participation requirements:
Everyone is welcome. Minimum age: 16 years.

Duration abou 2 hours. Online session. Go to the dates.

Purification (BODH.2)

Cleanse your Body, Mind and Consciousnes

Free yourself from deep-rooted belief patterns, old blockages and traumas to unleash your hidden potentials and true nature. Explore a new self and the unshakeable guiding power of your inner voice.

BODH.2, an exclusive two days seminar which progressively builds on BODH.1, providing you with a profound understanding of your true nature, the mind-functioning and the impact of the accumulated experiences of one’s actions in daily life. Ancient vedic rituals, a profound meditation and ShaktiPravaah (a powerful energetic process) will prompt the purification of your entire being from all unwanted blockages and limitations of the conditioned mind, replenishing and nurturing your mind and body with positivity.

Participation requirements:
Everyone is welcome. Minimum age: 16 years.
Attendance in the Awakening session at the beginning of the seminar is required.

The Path Divine (BODH.3)

In BODH.2 you experienced to be freed from the burden of many blockades and beliefs and now you want to proceed on your very own path of transformation?

In level 3 of the BODH series, you will experience and learn to align your life more and more in a state of love, joy and the knowledge of your destiny.
You will learn more about the games of the mind in daily life and how this limits your individual growth. Get equipped with solutions to eliminate them. You will learn a powerful meditation to align your body, mind and consciousness accompanied by beautiful spiritual processes, including ShaktiPravaah (a powerful energetic process). This seminar will help you to experience the Divine within you in your daily life.

Participation requirements:
You have completed BODH.2. Minimum age: 16 years.

Heal the Soul (BODH.4)

„Sit back, relax and enjoy the journey back home.“ Hand in hand with Maitreya Dadashreeji.

BODH.4 is about healing in the innermost layers of your consciousness. Your mind will become more calm and step by step you will experience inner peace and silence. Whatever negative deeds and carma you might have accumulated from this and past lives, those will be healed and purified by beautiful and profound spiritual processes. Deep-rooted behavioural patterns, unwanted thoughts and energies are allowed to dissolve. You will gain the next level of deep wisdom and knowledge about your true self.

Participation requirements:
You have completed BODH.3. Minimum age: 16 years.