German workshop:

Saturday 11 Dec. | 9 AM GMT / 10 AM CET

Duration: 90 mins | Cost: 15 Euro

(Registration open until 7.12.2021)

Life in Balance

The last few years have shown the importance of maintaining balance in our everyday lives. No matter the circumstance, each one of us has a set of key responsibilities that we must continuously juggle. So, what can we do to consciously and proactively to maintain a level of balance in our lives? We are only humans and so, from time to time this very balance can slip and reach a tipping point. In this scenario, what steps can we take to relieve this pressure and again regain control?

Why join this workshop?

~ Learn how to better manage restlessness, sleeplessness, pressure, tension, and the feeling of being overwhelmed

~ Discover 3 practical solutions, to help you relieve pressure and maintain balance in your life

~ Experience and learn a simple exercise that you can practice daily, to better help deal with the above challenges