Maitri Arohan Class (English)

A monthly interactive session to explore yourself.

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we often forget to take quality time out for ourselves. We somehow manage our physical, mental and emotional health with all sorts of detox diets and programs but what about our inner health?

The solution for all your life challenges can be found by exploring your inner self and experiencing true happiness and love within.

Maitri Arohan Class is an opportunity to dedicate some time to explore your inner self. A two-hour class held every month.

This year, we have launched a brand new series – Maitri Sutr – new teachings every month that are relevant to your current life challenges.

Your spiritual journey to understand, experience and express yourself as you truly are – a form of Light and Love.

Maitreya Dadashreeji has explained spirituality in such a simple way, for each one to understand it thoroughly and experience it in our daily lives as a natural part of our state of being, effortlessly.

Few of us have been blessed with an opportunity to spend hours with Divine Friend Dādāshreeji during spiritual sessions which have brought much-needed clarity in our lives.

With a vision to share the same with our friends and grow together, we have started the spiritual classes – Maitri Arohan Class, a monthly two-hour session.

An opportunity to unlearn wrong concepts about spirituality, develop an understanding of the right knowledge and experiencing it till it becomes one’s own Truth, the seekers will be taken on a journey to understand, experience and express themselves as they truly are – a form of Light and Love.

How it works

The twelve sessions across the year are systematically designed to help your progress in spiritual practice in a structured manner.

More Information for registration:

20.01.20, 20:45-22:45: Register now!
10.02.20, 20:45-22:45: Register now!
23.03.20, 20:45-22:45: Register now!

26.01.20, 4-6 pm: Register now!
09.02.20, 4-6 pm: Register now!
22.03.20, 4-6 pm: Register now!

19.01.20, 5-7 pm (London Time): Register now!
23.02.20, 5-7 pm (London Time): Register now!
22.03.20, 5-7 pm (London Time): Register now!

Questions & Answers about Maitri Arohan-Sessions:

1. Who can attend these sessions?

Anyone can attend these sessions as long as prior Xing registration is done for the according to Arohan session.

2. Is it a paid session?

These sessions are donation-based. Received donations will be used for the maintenance costs of these sessions (e.g. travel expenses, technique, room, etc.) or for The MaitriBodh Parivār.

3. Can I attend the session in any region?

Yes! You can register via Xing for a session in another region and then attend the session at this location.

4. If I miss a session, what can I do?

In case you miss the session on a particular date, you can attend the session at another location in the same month.  

5. Do I need to attend all sessions in a year?

The 12 sessions are systematically designed to help your progress in spiritual practice in a structured manner. It is advisable to attend all 12 sessions of the year.

6. Is there an age limit for participation?

Basically there is no age limit. However, we ask all parents with babies and young kids to show consideration for the other participants so that they are not disturbed in their processes.

There is a special gift at the end of the year for those who attend 10 or more sessions.

Maitreya Dadashreeji says:

“Selfless service is one of the core values of MaitriBodh Parivar.

  • Unless you give to society, you cannot receive it.
  • The simplest act of service brings a profound transformation in your life.
  • Through Seva not just you but society itself is transformed.
  • You free yourself from all bindings. Your consciousness is cleansed and purified within. Divine Grace follows and is showered on you abundantly.
  • You are free to offer anything that you feel to the needy. Remember, to serve someone is a feeling within and not just a mechanical act of providing help to the person. Know that the service thus rendered for the benefit of others is nothing but your offerings of Love at the Lotus Feet of the Divine.”