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Life in Balance

The last few years have shown the importance of maintaining balance in our everyday lives. No matter the circumstance, each one of us has a set of key responsibilities that we must continuously juggle. So, what can we do to consciously and proactively to maintain a level of balance in our lives?

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Personal Transformation Programs

Join this session to establish and experience a positive and fundamental shift in your behaviour and thought patterns. Helping you experience positivity, peace, and love, as you flow more easily in the current time.

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Guided Meditation

Join a profound guided meditation designed for the current time, helping you connect with the power within. With regular practice, this meditation strengthens you internally and supports your mental and emotional wellbeing.

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Refill Yourself with Positive Energy

Experience this highly effective and profound energy process, that represents a rare combination of a powerful prayer and healing. Through channeling of positive universial energies, Maitri Light can support in emotional relief.

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A Confidential Platform to
Express Yourself

A free confidential platform, designed for the purpose of helping create a safe space for individuals, to express themselves fully in the current time. Whether you feel physically, mentally or emotionally unsettled, or simply need someone to talk to, we are here to help.

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Life Formulas for Personal Growth

Join these monthly interactive spiritual sessions, as we reveal a new Maitri Sutra (a short yet practical life formula) each month. Each Sutra has been specifically created to help with personal growth, by giving one a deeper understanding of themselves, their actions and their life.

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