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Bodh III: Path Divine

After the preparation steps in the Bodh I and Bodh II seminars, in Bodh III the focus is now to dive even deeper into your consciousness and state. The objective is to give you an increased understanding of your inner self, helping to give you a new holistic perspective of life. This awareness helps you realise your full potential and experience the true essence of your life.

As part of this seminar, a profound meditation is taught that enables you to actively charge the energy centres of your body.

Duration of the seminar: 2 days

Prerequisite: You have completed Bodh II. People who have already completed Bodh IV should not participate in Bodh III again.

     Why attend Bodh III?

~ Strengthen the connection with your inner self

~ Help to discover and follow your true purpose of life

~ Learn a new practice to help channel your energy and passion

~ Experience Maitri ShaktiPravaah, a powerful and profound energy transfer process

Register for the event

     The next Bodh III seminars on site:

~ 15 - 17 September 2023, in Southern Germany, in German language

>> More info and registration

~ 18 - 19 November 2023, in Austria, in German language

>> More info and registration

What is Maitri ShaktiPravaah?

Maitri ShaktiPravaah is a scientifically validated energy-based intervention process, developed by Maitreya Dadashreeji. The energy process (Study 2018, published in a renowned indexed medical journal called IJMR, August 2018 / Study 2022, published in the International Journal of Indian Psychology, September 2022) helps bring emotional stability, enhances decision-making abilities, sharpens mental faculties and brings about a positive, more joyful state.


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