We wish a transformational, blissful year to all our friends!

In life, we should wholeheartedly welcome anything new with positivity. The New Year 2021 will bring in more opportunities to excel and learn meaningful lessons. Hence, let us get ready to embrace the New Year with an evolved state of mind.

Each year prepares us towards a better version of our selves. The experience gained in 2020 will enable us to flow through future events sealed in the 2021 calendar. We have learnt rare and critical lessons in the last year. The unique point is that these lessons were not only limited to individuals but also were meant for humanity at large.

The year 2020 cannot be complete without mentioning the covid-19 pandemic. It tested our patience and resilience. The experience was harrowing and intimidating. But our innate ability to adapt to new surroundings helped us immensely to emerge stronger in the challenging times. These mixed experiences have shaped our character, providing an entirely different perspective towards life. Value and Cherish it while entering into a new world of diverse events.

With the experience of the last challenging global event, we shouldn’t take the coming time lightly. Your ‚improved version‘ is ready to handle any such challenges effectively. Hence, believe in yourself. You have cleared the last test. You will find productive ways to navigate through the situation and turn it into sustainable growth. In order to make your path easy and to accelerate the improvement, we suggest the following three key points to consider this year. It will profoundly change your life with a comprehensive and constructive impact.

1. Focus

Be clear in your mind and heart; what do you wish to achieve this year? Repeat this to yourself! Your resolve should be a personal ’need‘. A ‚want‘ doesn’t have the power to last long. Hence, decide and define your vision for 2021. Work with dedication to achieve it! This focus itself will give you the empowering momentum to speed up the act of accomplishing your dream.

2. Adaptability

An essential quality that one would require this year will be adaptability. Train your mind to flex with the situation! One will have to discern between giving up and adapting to the given challenge. You are not
submissive, yet are wise enough to take the right decision in any adverse
conditions. Prepare for the best! Hope for the best! But be aware that
difficulties might emerge. There you will need to walk through any
unfavourable events and achieve the desired goal.

3. Express and listen

We can’t expect growth unless we learn to ‚express and listen‘. We should consciously make an effort to talk to someone. If there is anything you have within and want to share with someone, please feel free and express it. At intervals there will be situations where you will need to empty your heart out. Share your emotions with close friends, family, professional counsellors or doctors!

As we talk about expression, we also need to consider the act of listening. If anyone around you feels the need to express something, be there and listen to them attentively. Give your time and love! It will not only empty their hearts but also uplift your consciousness immediately. People somehow do not understand the need to express and listen, but if you do implement as and when required, you grow within and without – uninhibitedly.

To efficiently derive the best from these three points, incorporate your Divine Friend in them. Once you set the vision for 2021, share it with your Divine Friend. Tell your Divine, what you are planning for this year, to get His association so as to materialize the dream. Enjoy this privilege!

For the second point, whenever you are in a dilemma, consult your Inner Divine. The clear message will remove the confusion. The Divine will provide you with flexibility, keeping the vision firm and clear.

The last point is to regularly practice expressing your heart to your InnerDivine as also listening to Him. Your association with the Divine will elevate your awareness level to a higher one. It’s magical.

Let us keep striving for improvement with strength and courage irrespective of the severity of the situation. We know that the world is changing at a rapid pace. We have to match that speed. Whenever the world-changing phenomenon have taken place, the world based on anti-heart and anti-nature philosophy has burnt down to ashes. The uprooting of the false reality ushers in a new beginning.

If we are genuinely seeking a transformed and better world, we need to prepare ourselves for the related events and not complain about them. We understand how difficult it is to face a painful situation; but know that it is for your good and the good of others. If there is a slight possibility of avoiding any adverse event, the Divine will never hesitate and will immediately act and dissolve such events.

If we have to encounter them, let us face and flow through them to witness a better and happy world for everyone.

My friends! Come together and begin a new journey to transform our world!
I am always there with you.
Share and spread love everywhere you go!
The world needs it.

Love and Blessings!
Maitreya Dadashreeji!